Boys 1st-12th grades,  Girls 1st-12th grade Adult Men & DAD LAX

                      High School Games on Thursday evenings.

                      1st-8th grade games on Friday evenings.

                               Adult Men on Thursday evenings.

                          October 5th/6th- December 8th/9th

             See "General League Information" for more details!

                                     October 4th - Free clinics                           

                            New Player Clinic- Boys 3rd-12th 

                           New Player Clinic- Girls 6th- 12th

                    Goalie and Face Off Clinic Boys 5th-12th grade

                     Goalie, Draw Clinic- Girls 6th-12th



                                Winter 2024 Session!

               Boys 1st-8th grade & Girls 1st-12th grade! 

                     Girls 3rd-12th grade games on Thursdays

                    Boys  1st-8th on Friday evenings.

                                January 11th/12th- March 1st      

                                    January 10th- free clinics

One of the three full size indoor fields.


Lacrosse is known as the "fastest game on two feet".  Whether this is your first time playing or you have been playing travel for years- this is the place to be.  

                                                  Max Lax provides games and instruction for Boys and Girls 1st  - 12th grades as well as adult men!  


Lacrosse Leagues in Indianapolis

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Max Lax mission statement:  Dedicated to promoting the sport of lacrosse in Central Indiana, improving the level of play for both players and coaches and being a blessing to the families that participate.

                                         SUMMER SESSION-

Featuring Adult Men's League and DAD LAX!   Don't miss out on this great summer event!  Wednesday evenings at 7:30 starts June 6th!

 Fall and Winter sessions include BOYS 1st- 8th, GIRLS 1st-12th  & DADLAX!

          Details below and under General League Information. 

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