Max Lax offers programs for Boys and Girls 1st-12th grade, adult men and DAD LAX. 
                     We have fall and winter sessions.    Periodic Instruction is included.

There is no doubt that by participating in the Max Lax sessions your players will improve their: stick skills, Lax IQ, conditioning, team chemistry and be better prepared for the spring outdoor season.

Winter 2024  Session  January 11th/12th - February 29th/March 1st with clinics on January 10th.

​Once a week for about an hour.

High School Girls and Boys (V & JV Division)  (Boys High School is fall session only)

Thursdays- possible start times between 5:15-8:00pm  (Winter Session Girls High School- 6 games & specialty clinics $130)

( Fall session-8 games, specialty clinics $170* ) 

Offense, defense, goalie clinic, face off or draw clinic & new player clinics included.  

BOYS Youth-  (rotating potential game starting times listed)

Boy’s 7th/8th (U14)– Fridays- start times range from 5:10-9:10pm  (games & position clinic ) 8 games- $170*  
Boy’s 5th/6th (U12)- Fridays- start times range from 5:10-9:10pm  (games & periodic instruction) 8 games- $170*
Boy’s 3rd/4th (U10)- Fridays- 5:10- 7:20pm (half instruction/half game)- 8 games- $170*
Boys 1st/2nd (U8)- Fridays- 6:10 - 6:25 (half instruction/half scrimmage)- 8 games-$130* 

GIRLS Youth -  (rotating potential game starting times listed)
Girl’s Middle School 6th/7th/8th grades- Fridays for fall/Thursdays for winter  start times range from 5:15-9:10pm (games & periodic instruction) 

8 games- $170*
Girl’s 3rd/4th/5th- Fridays for fall/Thursdays for winter 6:10 / 7:20 (instruction & game)- 8 games- $170*
Girl’s 1st/2nd- Fridays- 6:10 or 6:25 possibly co-ed (instruction & scrimmage)- 8 games-$130* 

 Adult Men and DAD LAX- Fall & Winter Thursdays @  7pm, 8pm or 8:50pm  8 weeks- $130*   

Summer 6 weeks on Wednesdays @ 7:30pm

DAD LAX-Adult men that have never played lacrosse, haven’t played in years or have been playing in DAD LAX  

Adult Men energetic, highly skill games!

* USA Lacrosse membership is required and valid for 12 months. or call 1-410-235-6882

*Sport Engine processing fees are added.

Players, coaches, officials and fans love the large fields, bright lighting, great instruction from former collegiate players, free athletic trainer, competitive & safe play, no spectator fees, all at the largest indoor turf facility in the USA and offers a full bar/restaurant with field viewing.

   Best Facility In The Nation + Top Notch Instructors + The Most Programs & Teams + Well Organized = The Place to be for Lacrosse!

 General Information:    

  • This is once a week, for about an hour, and will allow your player to be better prepared for the spring season.
  • Finest indoor facility in the nation- Grand Park Events Center at 19000 Grand Park Blvd. in Westfield.

              (conveniently located just off of US31/Meridian. Check out the travel times per map quest listed below)

  • No spectator fees and plenty of parking, so family and friends can easily attend!
  • USA Lacrosse Certified Officials.
  •  8 meter and 12 meter arc for more authentic girl’s games. 
  •  Large fields for great conditioning, excellent lighting. 
  • 8 v 8 with rosters of 14-15 to maximize playing time. 
  • Free on-site athletic trainer.
  • Partial teams may be combined to create a full team and team names may differ from initial registration. Rosters may be filled in with free agents.
  • No refunds

          Clinic Night- between 5:30-8:30pm

          INSTRUCTION is included for current registrants.  Top Notch Instructors that are current or former collegiate players.  

  • New Player Clinic- Boys 3rd-12th grade and Girls 6th-12th grade- mandatory for players that are BRAND NEW to lacrosse 
  • Boy’s 7th/8th grade positional clinic (offense, defense, goalie, face-off)
  • Boys 5th-8th grade and Girls 6th-12th grade goalie clinic, face off clinic or draw clinic
  • High School offense/defense clinic
  • Additional instruction for boys 1st-6th grade and girls 1st-8th grade will take place throughout their scheduled session times.
  • Instructors are top tier and former collegiate players. 

Travel times to Grand Park Event Center per :
From Avon High School- 44 minutes
From Bishop Chatard High School- 24 minutes

From Brebeuf High School- 22 minutes

From Brownsburg High School- 39 minutes

From Carmel High School-11 minutes
From Cathedral High School- 25 minutes
From Center Grove High School- 50 minutes
From Fishers High School- 24 minutes
From Guerin High School-11 minutes

From Greenfield High School- 42 minutes
From HSE High School-28 minutes
From Heritage -20 minutes

From Lawrence High School- 22 minutes
From Noblesville High School-17 minutes
From North Central High School-19 minutes
From Park Tudor -20 minutes
From Perry Meridian High School- 45 minutes
From Roncalli High School- 40 minutes
From Scecina Memorial High School- 32 minutes
From Southport High School -41 minutes
From Warren Central High School-31 minutes
From Zionsville High School-22 minutes

Inclement Weather Policy:

Indoor Space is at a premium and time slots are full with no opportunities to “make up” an entire evening of games. Players’ and Coaches’ busy schedules also prohibit the “making up” of games in that players and Coaches are not all available.  In the rare event that Grand Park or Max Lax  cancels games due to inclement weather, it will be posted on the web-site and an email will be sent out by 4:15pm.  Ultimately it is the parent’s decision of whether or not you are able to safely attend your player’s game. We do not anticipate that the opportunity to make up games will be an option.


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