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Girls 6th/7th/8th Grade:

  • Weekly games. periodic instruction and tournament night.
  • Instruction is provided by former collegiate players.
  • 8 games - $170
  • Fall Session- Friday evenings
  • Winter session- Thursday evenings

Girls 3rd/4th/5th Grade: 8 games- $170

  • Weekly instruction with scrimmages.
  • Skill Stations with former collegiate players.
  • Fall session- Friday evenings
  • Winter session- Thursday evenings



Girl's High School:

  • Weekly games, specialty clinics, tournament night
  • Improve/develop stick skills, improve conditioning, work together with your teammates in the off-season.
  • Fall session- 8 games- $170
  • Winter session- 6 games- $135
  • Thursday evenings

Girl's programs offer the following- Girls 1st-12th grade:

  • Players/teams that participate in the fall and winter session of Max Lax will absolutely be better prepared for the spring outdoor season. Fresh stick skills, better conditioned and better team chemistry!
  • Largest indoor field space offered in the state of Indiana.
  • 8 meter  and 12 meter arcs
  • Team Roster size limits to maximize playing time.  8v8 (6th-12th grade roster size is 14-15 players.)
  • Elevated and unobstructed viewing.
  • Some instruction is included 
  • No spectator fees
  • Free on-site athletic trainer during game times.
  • Equipment needed: girl's stick, lacrosse goggles, mouth guard
  • US Lacrosse Certified Officials

MAX skill. MAX space. MAX LAX.

1st/2nd Grade: 8 weeks- $130

  • Half instruction/half game
  • Equipment needed- mouth guard, lacrosse goggles, Girl's  stick.
  • Anticipate girls only team,  there is a possibility of co-ed.
  • Friday evenings
  • Instructors are former collegiate players.
  • Game moderators are Coaches or Varsity players.