NCAA- Lacrosse- Midwest Lacrosse Conference

-Notre Dame – Division I  http://www.und.com/sports/m-lacros/nd-m-lacros-body.html

-University of Indianapolis- Division II – http://athletics.uindy.edu/index.aspx?path=mlax&tab=lacrosse

-Anderson University- Division lll http://athletics.anderson.edu/index.aspx?path=mlax&

-Depauw- Division III http://www.depauw.edu/athletics/mens/lacrosse/

-Earlham- Division lll  http://goearlham.com/sports/mlax/index
-Hanover College- Division III  http://www.hanover.edu/athletics/men/lacrosse

-Trine- Division III http://www.trine.edu/athletics/mens_sports/lacrosse/

-Wabash Division III- http://sports.wabash.edu/index.aspx?path=mlax&tab=lacrosse 

  - See all NCAA teams -http://www.ncaa.org/about/who-we-are/search-school

MCLA: The Men’s Collegiate Lacrosse Association is a national organization of non-NCAA, college lacrosse programs.  The MCLA currently operates with 200+ teams in two divisions, across ten conferences.

The MCLA- UMLC conference (Upper Midwest Lacrosse Conference) which consists of 11 Division I teams and 6 Division II teams, representing 10 states including Illinois,   Indiana, Missouri, MIchigan, Ohio, Iowa, Kansas, Minnesota, Nebraska, Wisconsin.  

 MCLA- UMLC- Indiana

-Indiana University Division I  www.iulacrosse.com

-Purdue University  Division I http://www.purduelacrosse.com/

-Butler University Division II (CCLA) http://blogs.butler.edu/menslacrosse/
-Indiana Tech Division II http://www.indianatech.edu/athletics/mlax/Pages/default.aspx

Non MCLA Collegiate Teams- Indiana
-Ball State University http://bsulacrosse.iweb.bsu.edu/
-IUPUI  http://www.iupuilax.com/

​​Nearby NCAA Lax Programs:
 Division I:
Bellarmine, KY /  Ohio State, OH / University of Michigan, MI / University of Detroit, MI

 Division II:
Lake Erie, OH / Lindenwood, MO / Rockhurst, MO / Walsh, OH

Division III- surrounding states (not complete list)

Aurora, IL   Albion, MI  Alma, MI  Adrian, MI  Augustana, IL  Calvin, MI *Dennison, OH Defiance, OH Elmhurst, IL Franciscan, OH Hiram, OH Kalamazoo College, MI  Ohio Wesleyen, OH Otterbein, OH,  Wittenberg, OH 

 Nearby MCLA- Division I

Central Michigan, Illinois University,  Iowa State, Ohio University, Miami of Ohio,  Michigan State,  University of Kentucky, Western Michigan 


Indiana Women’s Collegiate Lacrosse

Women’s NCAA:

Notre Dame- Division I http://www.und.com/sports/w-lacros/sched/nd-w-lacros-sched.html

Indiana Tech- Division II 

University of Indianapolis- Division II http://athletics.uindy.edu/index.aspx?path=wlax&tab=lacrosse2       

Anderson University- Division lll http://athletics.anderson.edu/index.aspx?path=wlax

Depauw- Division III http://www.depauw.edu/athletics/womens/lacrosse/

Franklin College- Division III http://www.franklingrizzlies.com/sports/wlax/index

Hanover-Division III  http://www.hanover.edu/athletics/women/lacrosse  (2015)

Marian University- Division lll    http://www.muknights.com/sport/0/26.php

St. Mary’s College- Division III https://www.saintmarys.edu/lacrosse

Trine- Division III http://www.trine.edu/athletics/womens_sports/lacrosse/

See all NCAA teams -http://www.ncaa.org/about/who-we-are/search-school

Women’s Collegiate Lacrosse Association (WCLA):

Ball State- Division I http://cms.bsu.edu/campuslife/studentlife/studentorgs/pride-guide/browse/w/womens-lacrosse-team

Indiana University- Division I http://www.iuwlacrosse.com/teams/?u=IUWLAX&s=lacrosse&t=c

Purdue University- Division I http://womens.purduelacrosse.com/

Butler- Division II http://blogs.butler.edu/womenslacrosse/

Purdue B- Division II http://womens.purduelacrosse.com/

Rose Hulman- Division II http://www.rose-hulman.edu/womenslacrosse/

Nearby WCLA Division I Teams: Central Michigan- MI Illinois University Kent State- OH Miami of Ohio- OH Michigan State Ohio University Ohio State University of Cincinnati University of Kentucky University of Michigan Western Michigan]

 Division III: (not complete list) Adrian- MI Albion- Mi Augustana- IL Aurora- IL Benedictine- IL Denison- OH Franciscan- OH Kalamazoo College- MI Mount St. Joseph- OH Ohio Wesleyan- OH Whittenberg-OH Wilmington-OH Wooster, OH] Nearby NCAA Teams


Division I:
Ohio State- OH
University Of Louisville- KY
University of Cincinnati- OH
University of Detroit- MI

Division II:
Grand Valley State- MII
Findlay- OH
Lake Erie- OH
Lindenwood- MO
Lindenwood- IL
Notre Dame- OH
Robert Morris- IL
Urbana- OH

Division III: (not complete list) Adrian- MI Albion- Mi Augustana- IL Aurora- IL Benedictine- IL Denison- OH Franciscan- OH Kalamazoo College- MI Mount St. Joseph- OH Ohio Wesleyan- OH Whittenberg-OH Wilmington-OH Wooster, OH] 


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